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With over fifteen years industry experience designing, building, managing & delivering digital media projects across a wide range of disciplines and environments that include 3D animation, architectural visualisation, DVD/CD ROM presentations and multimedia applications. Our overriding passion has always been on creating usable, beautiful, website design and development with a particular focus on the open source Drupal (Content Management System) which we've used effectively for over seven years and has an ever growing reputation. We are specialists in Drupal site-building & responsive theming using best practice methods and code.

We also have a wealth of experience in Wordpress and other popular CMS frameworks, bespoke applications and mobile applications. Having superb skills in design and development means we have a fine eye for detail. We’ve an exceptional grasp of industry standard software, tools, code and processes involved in building unique, usable, responsive and extensible websites, big and small.

Loft49 in just three years have designed, developed and created an enviable collection of projects and clients including BAFTA, the Arts Council, the RAC and The Roundhouse, to name only a few. We are flexible, enthusiastic, committed, offer great people management and have a proven track record of excellent consultation, collaboration; on or off site, successfully with clients & in-house development teams.

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BAFTA Big Chip Glory


Access, Loft49 & The Council scoop Best User Experience at the Big Chip awards 2015 for our work on BAFTA.


"Loft49 have been a real joy to work with - we've been absolutely thrilled with everything they have achieved on the BAFTA websites over the past 3 years. The team are incredibly enthusiastic & hard working; every request, no matter how big or small has been met with positivity & an effective solution." 
Pippa Irvine, Digital Communications Manager, BAFTA


Loft49 & team talk BAFTA at MTV event


Having had the privilege to help design, build & develop the new BAFTA worldwide network of sites in just a year and a half, we were thrilled to be asked to talk a bit about how the team did it at MTV's lavishly hosted Drupal London Show & Tell.

Big thanks to Neil Cameron & Ben Wilding and of course the other excellent speakers MTV and BFI and a great audience.


"Loft49 worked with commitment, passion and unwavering diligence on this national RAC Cars launch. They did an exceptional job creating a collection of beautiful, responsive, on brand designs. They then did a great job bringing the designs to life building the front end of the site in Bootstrap, on a very tight timescale. They certainly went the extra mile for us!"
John Wilson - Digital Director RAC Cars


Charitable & Ethical Business


Supporters of good causes, we like to work on ambitious projects that might make the world just a bit better. We've a common aim to support proactive and innovative, forward thinking projects and in particular, charities and the public sector (for example BAFTA and The Roundhouse both being charities and The University of Manchester being a large public sector organisation).  Active supporters of Amnesty International and Greenpeace among others, we donate a percentage of our profit to these good and important causes on a monthly basis.


We're always on the look out for talent!


So why not drop us a line if you think you'd like to work on exciting and high profile projects like BAFTA and RAC in a modern, flexible and progressive environment. We offer two bars and some of the best views of London. Email us if you think you'd like to collaborate or join the team.


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Benefits of Drupal CMS


Drupal Cms. Why Drupal? Features & Specifications

Drupal is a free, open-source web development platform for online content and user communities. Drupal powers some of the busiest sites on the web, and can be adapted to virtually any visual design.

  • Commercial support if required
  • Top ten features & benefits of using Drupal
  • Open source
  • Modular / extensible framework
  • Drupal CMS in action

Bar Nightjar


Voted by Time Magazine as one of the world's top ten bars. The Nightjar is a very special venue needing an equally special website. With that in mind we really pushed the boat out; fully responsive delivery across mobile, tablet and desktop with social channel library integration, video carousels and multiple user interface enhancements. It even has an interactive drinks card game to display their wonderful cocktail menu.

The Drupal admin is extremely usable and intuitive and has been wonderfully extensible with over 300 events (many booked out months in advance), drinks and press articles added already. It also has some very clever SEO integration tools. The clients were so happy they treated us to a rather tasty night out full of their award winning cocktails. We struggled to manage a full deck of cocktails in one night so think a return visit may be in order.


Brixton Live


Branding, design and Drupal website build in collaboration with the excellent you, me + everyone. Bringing Brixton's arts, partners, events and communities together.


We love BAFTA


We were utterly thrilled when we won the BAFTA project and were certain that with our exceptional team we'd deliver a site that would shine with the esteem and prowess it deserved.

Now that the sites are all live and have been extremely well received we're all very proud and feel we went above and beyond to deliver. 

However I think as much as hard work, dedication, skills etc are critical; teamwork was the big winner. With Access Advertising in Manchester doing much of the backend Drupal heavy lifting amongst many other things, we, Loft49 were on the ground in London and able to be with BAFTA for direct feedback at 195 Piccadilly within half an hour. We oversaw the process from wire framing and user analysis to front end and delivery. Finally to have such a good design team on board in The Council meant that we had all bases well covered in this fine collaboration combining a flexible approach and lovely people to work with I think got us not only where we wanted to get, but in a wholeheartedly enjoyable way. That's got to be a good thing.

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"Loft49 has worked with the Roundhouse, London for the last 2 years creating 3D animations for Turning Point Festival. They responded brilliantly to the brief and perfectly captured the ethos and the vibe of the festival. We were delighted with the work."
Lucy Atkinson - Turning Point Producer
The Roundhouse, London


Netil House HQ


Netil House; the home and base of the Loft49 creative and digital network.

Studio 308:
1 Westgate Street,
E8 3RL

07525 352244


BLAB. Creative Candy for the Eyes, Ears and the Northern Soul


BLAB. Creative Candy for the Eyes, Ears and the Northern Soul. Why these talks and events were so inspiring and  great way to meet like minded folk.


Why we love Drupal


Find out why I and so many others have grown to love the power of Drupal development and how it became my canvas as a designer.


Stein IAS Testimonial


"A deserved reputation; one of talent, commitment, consideration and mind boggling technical wizardry."
Reuben Webb - Creative Director - Stein IAS B2B


The URBIS Manchester: Given the Red Card


As a lover of football and the arts, I was very pleased to hear that the National Football Museum was to be relocated in Manchester, when I heard it was to replace URBIS I was less than happy. How could this happen?


A User Friendly Approach to Designing for the Web

User Experience

A User Friendly Approach to Designing for the Web.


An introduction to Agile


For me the process of designing and building websites is a fascinating experience; here I discuss popular approaches to digital and web workflows.


The importance of being a generalist


It was Dan Wieden of Wieden & Kennedy who coined an approach to work on "Walk in stupid every day". Not a bad idea...


The Brilliance of Bingo


This is a beautiful print that Mr Bingo made to accompany his BLAB talk in Manchester. It has graced my wall ever since.

A quote to live by, plus it's got a dog doing a full 360º flip on a skateboard; what more do you need? A fabulously talented illustrator and very entertaining and inspiring talker.

I think his book 'Hate Mail' (get it) is the only item I've ever seen on Amazon to have 100% five star reviews and not a decimal off. On reads: "A heartbreaking work of staggering genius"; sums it up for me really and the story of how it came about even more hilarious.


HTML 5 & what it can do


After attending a seminar on HTML5 at MDDA I found myself beginning to understand the impact of some of the new opportunities that HTML5 will bring. When you've seen the web develop over ten years you realise how much this update was needed; HTML, as it's name suggests (Hypertext Markup Language) was originally designed for text and as we know, it now delivers a lot more than that. With HTML5's new media tags like Video and structural tags like Header and Footer it seems like the web will be speaking a language more appropriate and modern to the content.


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