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Why we love Drupal

About eight years ago I was introduced to Drupal. I had been building websites and multimedia applications for some ten years and everyone was talking about Web 2.0. It was an exciting time and all about interaction; the browser was no longer for simply delivering flat information, it was about databases, social media, blogs and a more contributory approach to the web.

As a front end web designer and developer it seemed at first to be a daunting challenge to begin learning the necessary backend code to introduce these multiple elements of interactivity into my websites. Then I discovered Drupal and I was immediately struck by it's potential. Here was a product I could use to do all that backend stuff for me out of the box and not only that, if I did want to add more interactive elements or features I could simply download one of the huge number of modules and simply plug it in. What a wonderful solution!

As I began to learn how to build and theme my Drupal sites I gradually began to be exposed to the very code that makes Drupal tick and the funny thing is that having had this gradual exposure to a logic and stable back end platform I now have a far greater competency in the very code (PHP and Databases) that I was a little daunted by all those years ago. Put simply, I love Drupal; it has given me the opportunity to build awesome interactive sites (including this one.. I hope you agree). It has taught me a great deal about designing with expansion and extensibility in mind and now with the need to consider responsive delivery across a number of platforms and devices too.

One final shining accolade is Drupal's usability. As someone who puts a great deal of importance on usability (to the point of obsession), version 7's admin interface is now so easy and intuitive to use. Obviously, much of this admin interface won't be visible to most users, but it means that theming and designing my site around a platform which is so usable means that it's much easier to build a seemless front and back end experience that is a joy to use.

Drupal now

Drupal has become one of the most highly regarded, popular and supported open source CMS (Content Management Systems) on the web today. Drupal runs over 2% of the web including a diverse range of sites that include The White House, and MTVuk, to name but a few.

Drupal allows a cost effective way for our clients to stay in full control of their content and leaves them with a product that is supported not only by Loft49, but by the world over, now and in the future. The sites we deliver aren't tied to a particular bespoke and proprietary system or web company for that matter. It’s a product that is the future of the web and to top it all, it’s free. Although we willingly contribute back to the Drupal Community by way of payment and to ensure Drupal continues to grow into the future.

Drupal is also very ‘modular’, this means that once your website is built it is very easy to extend with any of the thousands of free Drupal modules; from blogs to social media to just about anything you could ever need. It is also possible to custom build and develop modules on a per site basis. It's also very SEO friendly, has fantastic social media integration and is excellent for delivery across multiple mobile and handheld devices.

Need I say more

  • Easy to update the website from any browser, anywhere in the world
  • Allows cost effective, easy expansion of the website in content and features
  • Is SEO friendly and configurable
  • One of most popular Content Management Systems in the world
  • Allows granular user access to different parts of your site- great for Member’s areas or restricted access.
  • Drupal has a dedicated security team to ensure that it remains one of the most secure CMS platforms
  • Clean, semantic mark-up and code is produced for efficiency and browser compatibility
  • A joy to theme, from Mobile to Desktop and everything in between

And that's why myself, Loft49 and our clients love Drupal. Find out more about Drupal

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