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Brixton Live Case Study


Brixton has a famously rich offering of arts, social diversity & unique attractions, whether they be for tourists, local communities or other visitors. However many of it’s cultural and art offerings are often small, autonomous and without large public funding, meaning self promotion is difficult, costly and relatively insular. With the pending arrival of cuts to public spending in the arts and on behalf of the Arts Council, it was important to assemble the many rich and vibrant offerings of Brixton into one single, high profile brand and website. This would additionally give the local arts partners and organisations the potential to allow visitors, users and tourists to connect with themselves and each other, delivering a more consistent and available point of reference for all that is going on in & around the area.

To create a new ‘Brixton Live’ brand including logo, style guides and social media pages in a content managed website using a thorough process of user analysis, wire-framing, design and direct partner feedback.
The style of the website and front end user interface would need to be usable and fully responsive across multiple platforms & operating systems. Additionally it would need to reflect the exuberance, heritage and popularity of Brixton’s cultural offerings.

Brixton Live Ambitions:

  • To gather useful data on audiences for culture in Brixton – from both residents and visitors
  • To generate publicity for breadth of cultural activity in Brixton
  • To create an online resource that’s innovative & sustainable with the facility for further development in the future


We created a vibrant brand identity that reflected the sophistication, spirit of Brixton’s cultural offering and was adaptable across all appropriate devices, platforms and social media points of contact. Offering the opportunity for local partners, galleries, arts organisations and site users to directly engage, interact and create accounts on the Drupal built platform. These users could then create comments, events, reviews & engage with each other, plus connect to the local arts community with it’s target audiences. Social media sharing and interaction would be used to enhance this user interaction and cross promotional coherence.

The site was produced to be event driven to offer users easy, usable access to what’s happening in Brixton, but at the same time always with reference and links to the partners with their own associated promotional pages. Event listings could be sorted, filtered or arranged by what’s on; today, by day, by week, by month, or even specially promoted ‘Brixton Live Events’. ‘Do’, Free’ & ‘See’ were also popular categaries for sorting and event filtering.

For the What’s On section all events could be assigned to locations on a dynamic, geo-locative map showing the sites of partner organisations and other key places of interest.

As an innovative solution to ‘connect’ events and locations we developed an interactive ‘Brixton Walks’ section to allow partners and site editors to create suggested itineraries or recommended walks to experience the best sights and events in Brixton. This offered users the opportunity to plan a visit based around connected partner suggestions and
user recommendations.

The site is clean, usable and fully responsive. Events, partners and users drive & share content in this extensible, exciting & vibrant Drupal website.


  • The brand has become a well recognised and established point of contact and information for visitors, partners and the community of Brixton.
  • Visitor numbers to the registered partners increased significantly after launch.
  • Partnership & event cohesion was created between independent arts and community organisations.
  • Social media subscription has been exceptional and contributions via these channels help connect users. 
  • The site’s analytics indicate a very high level of use on mobile devices, meaning visitors and users can easily find events whilst on the ground on a well suited, responsive, usable interface.
  • High numbers of site subscriptions and enquiries for new creative and event partnerships.